Public Policy


Fontheim International has a long track record of success in advising and advocating for clients in public policy and legislative trade, foreign policy and development matters.

We have advised and represented business and nonprofit clients on a variety of bilateral and multilateral trade and foreign policy issues over many years, including 28 years of experience in US – China relations (ranging from trade legislation and negotiations to high level dialogue programs between Chinese and American thought leaders), and trade and geopolitical issues across much of Asia, Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our current advisory services for business clients include trade negotiations and conflicts currently pending between the United States and various trading partners. These advisory services also include political strategy and risk analysis.

Most recently, our team successfully advocated for two pieces of legislation related to international investment, trade and corporate social responsibility, both signed into law in 2018. The first provides full funding of US Department of Labor grants for human rights capacity building in appropriations legislation for 2019 (for which we managed all aspects of a business coalition campaign, including congressional advocacy, coalition management, messaging and strategy). The second is The Better Utilization of Investments Leading to Development (BUILD) Act that will help American exporters, investors and entrepreneurs make successful investments in developing countries through a new consolidated government agency. We undertook both campaigns through the Business Council for Global Development, which is managed by Fontheim International.

We also worked closely with leadership in the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) and the Congress on two significant pieces of legislation -- Trade Promotion Authority and the Trade Preferences Extension Act, both of which were enacted into law in 2015. This work included bringing diverse stakeholders into conversations with Congress and USTR, thus mobilizing entirely new pro-trade constituencies. We continued this work through 2016 focusing on Obama Administration trade initiatives such as their efforts to launch a regional Pacific free trade agreement. We are continuing our work with these new trade constituencies.

Our previous work includes some of the most significant American trade and foreign policy issues, including advocacy for the original NAFTA, implementing legislation for the multilateral trade agreement that created the World Trade Organization, China’s accession to the WTO, and creation and passage of the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (including subsequent legislation to extend AGOA).