Global businesses face many social, governance, and environmental opportunities and challenges at home and abroad.  Corporate social responsibility is a rapidly changing field in which social responsibility has become a defining characteristic of leading businesses. 

We have worked with many global businesses to develop innovative and authentic strategies and programs to maximize value and minimize risk.

Authenticity is essential to the success of these strategies.  This requires actions that maximize the social and environmental benefits of the business, and minimize the costs to society and the environment.  Authenticity also entails engaging and working with credible and independent stakeholders that represent societal interests and have the expertise and capacity necessary for success. It always involves listening to important stakeholders such as employees, customers, investors, governments and civil society organizations.

Successful CSR strategies advance the long term success of any business that is committed to authenticity and results.

Our CSR services include:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Program and Policy Design, Development and Management

  • Stakeholder Mapping, Engagement and Partnerships

  • Crisis Prevention, Management and Resolution

  • Training and Capacity Building

  • Preventing and Remediating Sexual Harassment and Gender-Based Violence;

    and Advancing Gender Equity in Global Supply Chains

  • Socially Responsible Investing

  • Risk Management

  • Advocacy Regarding Social and Governance Challenges

  • Research and Analysis


  • We worked with a client to develop a labor relations framework for their supply chain that is widely viewed as best in class, and was recognized by an ACE award from the US Secretary of State to our client in the category of most socially responsible major American company.

  • When a client was faced with a crisis resulting from an industrial disaster in their supply chain, we helped the client resolve this matter by arranging with a major international institution to convene a conference on short notice to fully fund restitution for those affected, and we advised the client regarding a new set of guidelines to avoid such disasters in the future.

  • We have advised clients in developing new norms and programs governing emerging CSR issues affecting technology, agriculture, pharmaceutical, apparel and other sectors.

  • We are advising several clients on developing innovative new programs to prevent sexual harassment and other forms of gender-based violence in their foreign and domestic supply chains.

  • We have on multiple occasions assisted clients by arranging mediation or arbitration of labor and worker rights disputes in their supply chains in order to prevent crises, avoid hostile campaigns, and provide for equitable outcomes that comply with applicable laws, and our clients’ policies and codes of conduct. This has also prevented public criticism or campaigns.

  • We have developed and implemented training and capacity building programs for clients in their global supply chains. These programs have often been developed in partnership with influential and highly credible stakeholders.

Many more examples are available.