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Today’s business environment is shaped by governments, private actors and powerful third parties, such as non-governmental and international organizations. Fontheim International navigates this terrain to produce successes in global corporate social responsibility, sustainability and public policy. Our clients include global businesses, multilateral organizations, business associations, and non-profit organizations.

Our practice covers two core, related service areas:

Global Corporate Social Responsibility

We provide corporate social responsibility services, including crisis management, stakeholder engagement and partnerships, corporate strategy, negotiations, business, program, and facility assessments, project management, stakeholder mapping and risk management.

Public Policy

We offer global public policy services, including analysis, strategy and advocacy.

GlobalWorks Foundation

At Fontheim International, we are committed to serving the public interest, including through our affiliated non-profit organization the GlobalWorks Foundation. GlobalWorks implements programs to promote sustainable and inclusive development. GlobalWorks’ two major programs are the Initiative for Global Labor and Human Rights; and Progressive Economy