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Today’s business environment is shaped by governments, competitors and powerful third parties. Fontheim International navigates this terrain to produce success in global public policy and corporate social responsibility. Our clients include global businesses and non-profit organizations.

Our Work

Our team draws upon extensive experience in government, business, politics, law and non-governmental organizations to implement innovative solutions for our clients’ most complex challenges and opportunities.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

We provide corporate social responsibility services, including crisis management, stakeholder engagement and partnerships, negotiations, assessments, policy development, stakeholder mapping, project management, and risk management and assessments.

Government Relations and Public Affairs

Building upon our core strengths in international trade, investment and other global government and public affairs services, we provide strategic counsel, congressional and executive branch advocacy, coalition and campaign management, stakeholder engagement, development of high-impact alliances and validators, and thought leadership.

Global Public Policy

We offer global public policy services, including content and policy development, building the case for policy priorities including supporting research and analysis, and political risk analysis. We bring unique capabilities and experience to international trade, investment, intellectual property and other global policy topics.

Business Council for Global Development

Leading global companies that advance economic development through pro-growth public policies, including capacity building for rule of law and good governance, public-private partnerships and other measures. We advise and manage the Business Council’s work with allies in government, international organizations, and NGO’s.

Giving Back

We are committed to serving the public interest, including through our support for the GlobalWorks Foundation.